Translate [beta]

This feature is still in beta. And the uptime will be shared between training and decoding

I'm afraid that at this time, the feature is only available to do English -> Kimbundu translations.

For the sake of debugging and improvements, I'd be very grateful if you turned adblock off for this site.
I do not plan to have ads running for the meantime, but it's difficult to fix bugs if I cannot get to the logs

Some tips:

  • This model has been trained on about 60% of the English and Kimbundu bible, so there isn't going to be much scope beyond that at this time
  • if the response is empty, then the model has little confidence is the translation and sends nothing
  • this model has not been training for long, so the confidence on any response cannot be too high
  • especially in mobile, if the response is empty, try to send it again without the first letter being capitalised
The translator service is currently down, the developer is currently procuring text and paying for text to be made to add to the content that can be used to train the model
please keep note of updates on the official twitter for this project